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We realize that in these difficult financial times, numerous charities and nonprofit organizations ask for your help. We are honored that you have chosen to help advance the rights of people with disabilities across our state.

We believe the disability rights movement is a civil rights movement. DRTx advocates and attorneys are on the front lines of this movement, steadfastly pushing forward, advancing the rights of people with disabilities in a variety of ways — advocating on their behalf through the legal system, championing important laws and policies, and supporting the day-to-day service issues that affect the quality of their lives.

Your donation to DRTx will help change the lives of countless people with disabilities in Texas. Through your generous support, we can:

  • Teach parents how to protect the rights of children with disabilities who need special education supports and services
  • Help people with disabilities obtain the vocational rehabilitation services they need to find work or return to work
  • Ensure that landlords and property owners do not discriminate against people with disabilities
  • Advocate for health care coverage and services that are readily available, affordable, accessible and accountable
  • Investigate allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation of people with disabilities
  • Assist with the community integration of people warehoused in state-run institutions
  • Advance policies and procedures that support the voting rights of Texans with disabilities

Thank you again for your generous support. Please know that we will make judicious use of your gift — and we will make you proud to be a DRTx donor.

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Disability Rights Texas

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If you are a person with a disability who believes your rights may have been violated, call our intake line Mon-Fri 9a - 4p at 1-800-252-9108.

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