• Sgt. Kolb faces housing discrimination but fights back for the sake of his comrades with help from DRTx.

  • DRTx helps Trevon receive the education services he needs so he is back on track in school and life.

Disability Rights Texas

The Protection and Advocacy Agency for
People with Disabilities in Texas

SPECIAL NOTICE: During this time though our offices are closed to the public we are still providing case services and are still here to help! Please read more on our special COVID-19 Resource Page.

In the 1970’s, a TV news story showed a place in New York where children with disabilities lived. It was in very poor condition and mistreated the children who lived there. As the news reporter said, “I knew it would be bad. It was horrible.”

So the United States created groups like ours. They are called protection and advocacy agencies (P&As). Our work is to make sure that children and adults with disabilities are treated with respect and dignity where they live, work, and go to school. We make sure people and places are following the laws that protect people with disabilities.

There is a P&A in every state in the U.S.  Disability Rights Texas started as a P&A in 1977. We help you know what the law says about your rights so you can remind people how you should be treated. Or you can call us and ask if we can help you if people or places are not following the law about your rights.


We hope for a world where all people are treated like they matter - because they do. People with disabilities are just like anyone else and have the same needs, hopes, and dreams.