• Richard is back in the communityafter 13 years of living in a nursing home.

  • With Tosha's rights restored, she can make her own diecions about where she works and lives.

Disability Rights Texas

The Protection and Advocacy Agency for
People with Disabilities in Texas

Protection and advocacy agencies (P&As) were created in the early 1970s, following a media investigation of Willowbrook, a New York State institution for children with mental disabilities. The press exposed deplorable conditions and inhumane treatment of residents at the government-run institution.

In response, Congress passed legislation in 1975 designating an organization within each state to protect and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. Disability Rights Texas opened its doors in 1977 with the mission of helping people with disabilities understand and exercise their rights under the law, ensuring their full and equal participation in society.

Our vision: a society where all people have worth and dignity. Because people with disabilities have basic human needs that are no different from those of all people.