• Richard is back in the communityafter 13 years of living in a nursing home.

  • With Tosha's rights restored, she can make her own diecions about where she works and lives.

Disability Rights Texas

The Protection and Advocacy Agency for
People with Disabilities in Texas

In the 1970’s a TV news story showed a place in New York State where children with disabilities lived. It was in very poor shape and treated the children there very badly.

So the government created agenices like ours, called “protection and advocacy agencies” (P&As), to make sure that children and adults with disabilities are treated right wherever they live, work, go to school, and more. There is a P&A in every state in the U.S.  Disability Rights Texas started as a P&A in 1977. We work on helping you know what the law says about your rights so you can tell people how you should be treated. Or you can call us and ask us if we can help you.


We hope for a world where all people are treated like they matter - because they do. People with disabilities are just like anyone else and have the same needs, hopes, and dreams.