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Sucess Stories

Success Stories


I can't begin to tell you how grateful and overwhelmed I am by the care that the Disability Rights Texas staff gave Kristen," said Jennifer. "They are our angels. I truly don't know what I would have done without their aid and support."

Read Kristen's Story:

DRTx Regains Child’s Critical Medical Services

Fifteen-year-old Kristen needs help 24 hours a day because of multiple disabilities. But after 7 years of receiving services through the Texas Medicaid Medically Dependent Children's Program (MDCP), she was suddenly and unexplainably found ineligible.

Kristen's mom, Jennifer, was quick to contact every state and regional agency she knew to find a solution. She even contacted her state senator and representative. Though people wanted to help, they couldn't.

Jennifer would not give up. One day she decided to search the internet to see what other options might be available. She found a link to the DRTx website and called our Intake Department.

After reviewing and taking her case, DRTx attorneys worked tirelessly to gather facts to file an appeal while a DRTx advocated researched other options. Eventually the DRTx advocate was able to obtain a Home and Community Based Services (HCS) slot for Kristen.

"I can't begin to tell you how grateful and overwhelmed I am by the care that the Disability Rights Texas staff gave Kristen," said Jennifer. "They are our angels. I truly don't know what I would have done without their aid and support."


worked with DRTx staff to obtain safety disclaimers needed for a wheelchair lift

Read Benito's Story:

Benito had been traveling to and from work in the same van for many years before it started to break down, and he realized he needed to invest in a new vehicle. Because of disabilities resulting from having polio as a child, Benito uses a wheelchair and needed assistance paying for a wheelchair lift for the new van he purchased. He applied for financial support for the lift from the Texas Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) - now named Texas Workforce Solutions (TWS).

Based on an outdated document DARS obtained from Ford stating that a wheelchair lift was unsafe for Benito’ new van model, DARS denied his request for services. Benito contacted Disability Rights Texas, and his case was assigned to a staff advocate. The advocate found an updated safety disclaimer from Ford saying that it was, in fact, safe to install a wheelchair lift in his new van. After receiving the new safety disclaimer, DARS reversed its denial of services and Benito expects to receive his wheelchair lift soon so that he continue living and working independently.


received a laptop with voice recognition software for help completing school assignments

Read Briana's Story:

Briana, a 9-year-old girl with muscular dystrophy, was having trouble completing assignments in school due to limited mobility in her hands. Despite requests to the school administrators that Briana be given frequent breaks from writing, she still continued to struggle. Briana’s mother contacted Disability Rights Texas and was assigned an advocate that connected Briana and her mother with the Paso Del Norte Children’s Development Center and an assistive technology specialist. The specialist evaluated Briana and determined that she would benefit from a laptop with voice recognition so that she does not have to use her hands to complete school assignments. Briana was excited to receive the support and quickly learned how to use the laptop and voice recognition program.


regained the power to make decisions about and control his own money

Read Mark's Story:

For many years, Mark’s mother had served as his payee, managing his financial affairs. As his mother got older, she started to forget to pay his bills on time, and he decided he wanted to control his own finances. The Social Security Administration (SSA) told him he would need a written order from his physician stating he was capable of making financial decisions, but his physician refused. Disability Rights Texas agreed to assist Mark in regaining the power to make decisions regarding his money. The advocate helped Mark revoke his mother’s Power of Attorney over financial matters, circumventing the requirement of a physician’s letter. Mark now receives his own Social Security check and has opened a bank account. DRTx referred him to a local Independent Living Center that offers training on money matters.


won the right to live in her community after a lifetime of institutionalization

Read Opal's Story:

In 1934, 16-year-old Opal had a brief psychotic episode and was committed to the Austin State Hospital. The shame and stigma of Opal’s mental illness and staff’s discouragement of visitation caused her family to drift away from her. Opal did not hear from her family again until 1985, when her nephew — whom she had never met — learned of her at a family reunion and decided to find her. He began a long battle to remove Opal from institutions, where she had been living for more than 50 years. With help from Disability Rights Texas, Opal got out of state institutions and won a $505,000 verdict against the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation for negligently subjecting her to “institutionalization syndrome.” Opal passed away on March 15, 2005, after spending several happy years in the community, reconnecting with old friends and family members.

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