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Protection and Civil Rights

Our agency works to protect and advance the civil rights of people with disabilities, helps people with disabilities when their rights have been violated and seeks to ensure that people with disabilities have access to information about their rights. 

Every individual is guaranteed certain rights under the United States Constitution, the Texas Constitution and other laws.  Some of these rights include:

  • man helping young girlThe right to reasonably safe conditions of confinement, including access to adequate medical care and rehabilitation services
  • The right to refuse medication and unwanted medical treatment
  • The right to live in the most integrated setting

Some examples of our work in the area of protection and civil rights include:

  • Investigating allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation of people with disabilities
  • Ensuring that restraint and seclusion are only used in compliance with laws, regulations and best practices
  • Ensuring that the rights of individuals with disabilities who come into contact with law enforcement are protected

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Success Story:


regained the power to make decisions about and control his own money

For many years, Mark’s mother had served as his payee, managing his financial affairs. As his mother got older, she started to forget to pay his bills on time, and he decided he wanted to control his own finances. The Social Security Administration (SSA) told him he would need a written order from his physician stating he was capable of making financial decisions, but his physician refused. Disability Rights Texas agreed to assist Mark in regaining the power to make decisions regarding his money. The advocate helped Mark revoke his mother’s Power of Attorney over financial matters, circumventing the requirement of a physician’s letter. Mark now receives his own Social Security check and has opened a bank account. DRTx referred him to a local Independent Living Center that offers training on money matters.

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