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Check out our newly updated IDEA manual that provides information on the special education rights of students and parents.

Students with disabilities learn best when receiving the special education services and supports they need in settings with their non-disabled peers. For this to be a reality for the more than 400,000 students in Texas eligible for special education services, school districts must fully implement both the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the Texas Education Agency must identify and correct noncompliance, parents must know and exercise their rights, and the state must adequately fund special education.

The efforts to improve educational opportunities for students with disabilities include:

  • Helping to create integrated classrooms where students with disabilities learn alongside students without disabilities
  • Assisting students with disabilities in receiving the assistive technology and training required for their success in school
  • Ensuring that students are not disciplined, restrained or secluded because of a disability
  • Assisting students in receiving the transition services needed to prepare for life after school
  • Raising awareness among parents, advocates and policy makers so they have all the information they need to ensure the successful education of students with disabilities

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Success Story:


secured the right to remain in his general kindergarten classroom and new in-home services

Aaron, a 6-year-old boy with autism, was struggling with behavioral problems and completing assignments in his kindergarten class. School administrators suggested that Aaron be put in a special classroom for children with autism. Aaron’s mom was committed to keeping him in a regular classroom with his peers and sought the assistance of Disability Rights Texas. The advocate assigned to Aaron’s case attended meetings with school administrators and persuaded them to bring in one of the school district’s autism specialists to work with Aaron’s teacher. Aaron will get to remain in the general classroom setting, with a check-in in the near future to determine if the new supports are improving his performance. He is also receiving in-home services to address socialization and behavioral issues.

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