Please note that we will be closed for the Holidays beginning on December 21 at 3 pm and will re-open on January 2, 2019, at 8:00 am. If you submit a request during that time, please note that we will not receive it until we return on January 2. 

Speaker Requests

We appreciate your requests and will do our best to fulfill them when we can. Because we are a nonprofit organization, our limited resources means we cannot fulfill every request we receive. When deciding whether or not we will fulfill a request, the following things are considered:

  • Primary target audience is people with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities, disability advocates, an underserved culturally diverse group, or an underserved geographic area of the state of Texas
  • The speaking opportunity includes a keynote address or one or more breakout sessions at a large state or regional conference with primary target audience stated above in attendance

Topics we offer are limited to the following:

  • Overview of legal advocacy services provided by Disability Rights Texas
  • Overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Employment rights
  • Independent Living Centers Self-Advocacy
  • Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security (PABSS)
  • Rights of people with disabilities in state hospitals or state supported living centers
  • Special Education: Advocating for appropriate transition services
  • Special Education: Advocating for inclusive placements for students
  • Special Education: Rights of students and parents
  • Special Education: Advocating for positive behavior supports
  • Supported decision making/alternatives to guardianship
  • Transportation rights
  • Understanding Social Security disability programs, applicable work incentives, and benefits for those who want to work
  • Vocational Rehab Self-Advocacy
  • Voting: How to make your polling site accessible (for poll workers)
  • Voting: Rights of people with disabilities (for people with disabilities or poll workers)
  • Working with Independent Living Centers and Programs
  • Working with the Texas Vocational Rehab System (Client Assistance Program)

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE REQUIRE A MINIMUM OF 4 WEEKS NOTICE PRIOR to your event for your request to be considered. CLICK HERE to complete our online form to request a speaker for your group.  An answer will be provided to you within 7-10 business days. Also, we will consider providing a speaker on Friday evenings or weekends on an extremely limited basis.

Exhibit Requests

Because of the unique nature of our work, participating in events/conferences by having an exhibit or table is often not the most effective way to communicate what we do.

We instead prefer and ask that we can either provide brochures for another participating organization to include at its exhibit or that you consider asking us to provide a speaker for a keynote or breakout session on topics mentioned above for the primary target audiences listed above.

We are able to particpate as exhibitors at events on a limited basis and will give priority to requests that meet similar criteria to that listed in the speaker request section above.

Because of limited funding, we are unable to pay a fee for exhibiting at events in most cases. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE REQUIRE A MINIMUM OF 8 WEEKS NOTICE PRIOR to your event for your request to be considered. CLICK HERE to complete our online form to request our agency to exhibit at your event. An answer will be provided to you within 10 business days.