Summertime Stories: A Facebook Live Series

Date / Time: Thursdays at 12:15 pm beginning May 24 through June 28
Location: DRTx Facebook Page:

Join us on our Facebook page each week on Thursdays at 12:15 pm begining May 24 to hear the encouraging stories of DRTx clients who faced obstacles because of their disabilities and how we helped them successfully challenge those barriers.

Our staff summertime stories superstars who will be speaking each week in the series include:

May 24: Attorney Lia Davis on housing and employment
May 31: Senior Advocate Sherry Hartsfield on community integration and healthcare
June 7: A Double Feature with Advocate Victoria Saxe and Advocate Will Burley on our PABSS and CAP programs
June 14: Attorney Brandy Howard on foster care
June 21: Advocate Supervisor Cindy Gibson on institutional rights
June 28: Supervising Attorney Dustin Rynders on special education


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