National Disability Voter Registration Week

Date / Time: July 17-21, 2017

REV UP stands for Register! Educate! Vote! Use your Power!

The REV UP Campaign coordinates National Disability Voter Registration Week each year to increase the political power of people with disabilities while also engaging candidates and the media to recognize the disability community.

Click here to find out if you are registered to vote in Texas.

As a voter with a disability, you have the right to:
Vote privately and independently
Have an accessible polling place with voting machines for voters with disabilities
Wheelchair-accessible voting booths
Entrances and doorways that are at least 32 inches wide
Handrails on all stairs
Voting equipment that is accessible to voters who are blind or who have low vision
Bring your service animal with you into your polling place
Seek assistance from workers at the polling place who have been trained to use the accessible voting machine
Bring someone to help you vote (including a friend, family member, caregiver, assisted living provider, or almost anyone else, but not your employer or union representative).


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