Woman Pregnant With Twins Moves to Safer Home

Woman with her twin babies smiling at the camera

“I was living on the 3rd floor of an apartment complex when I found out that I was pregnant with twins. My doctor informed me that I was high risk, and the climbing of all those stairs could endanger my pregnancy.

When I reached out to the management at my apartment complex about needing to move out I was told I would have to pay a large amount of money in early termination fees. I was losing sleep and very stressed trying to figure out how I would come up with the money.

I reached out to Disability Rights Texas and they assisted me with submitting a reasonable accommodation to the apartment complex. Management agreed and waived the extra early termination fees, over $2,000, and allowed me to set up a payment plan for the final utilities and concession fee.

I am extremely appreciative for the assistance DRTx was able to provide during a stressful time. Thank you!” – Angelica G.


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