Letter Generator: TEA Complaint About Compenstory Services

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If you have already sent a letter to your school to request either the COVID-19 supplement to your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) required under new state law or compensatory services because you believe your child lost progress due to closures from the pandemic, and the school does not respond or provide the services in a prompt manner, parents should send a complaint letter to the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Passed in 2021, Senate Bill 89 requires schools to add a written supplement to a student’s IEP to address needed compensatory services for special education service reductions and lost progress resulting from school closures because of the pandemic. (If you haven’t sent a letter to your school yet, see Sample Letter to School Requesting Compensatory Education Services.)

Please complete the form below which will generate a PDF of a letter you can email or fax to TEA.

Publication Code: ED39

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