Client Assistance Program and Transition Services

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Client Assistance Program and Transition Services

What Is the Client Assistance Program (CAP)?

The Client Assistance Program (CAP) is a federally funded program administered by Disability Rights Texas. It assists people with disabilities who are applying for or receiving services funded under the Rehabilitation Act, such as the Texas Workforce Solutions-Vocational Rehabilitation program and/or at Independent Living Centers in Texas.

What Is CAP’s View About Transition?

The Client Assistance Program is aware that many students who have disabilities leave school without preparation for jobs in the community, a place to live, or readiness to participate in adult services. We want to make sure that all students with disabilities who leave school have the opportunity to work, live, and play in their communities. That is why Transition Planning during school age is important. We believe it is important for school personnel, students with disabilities, their families, and adult service providers (such as rehabilitation counselors) to plan together for a future that will be productive and meaningful, before the student leaves school. Transition Services are among CAP’s Priority Areas listed in the Disability Rights Texas Strategic Plan.

How Can CAP Assist With Transition From School to Community?

CAP can assist students and their families by:


Last updated: September 1, 2016
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