Avoid Eviction with a Rent Accommodation Letter

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If you have unpaid rent, past due rent, or late rent, our accommodation request letter can help you avoid eviction after losing a job because of COVID-19.

  • Is there a COVID-19 related reason you or someone in your house cannot work and are now facing eviction or a housing crisis?
  • Have you lost income and have unpaid rent, past due rent, or late rent because of COVID-19?
  • Is losing income and facing eviction making you or a family member’s mental health worse?

You can use our interactive Unpaid Rent Accommodation Request Generator below to ask for more time to pay rent, delay or avoid eviction, or even forgive past rent. This could apply if you or someone in the house has lost a job because of COVID-19, lost income because of COVID-19, or if losing a job or income is making someone in the household’s mental health worse. This tool lets people use the protections of federal civil rights laws to ask for more time.

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