Changing the Course of Young Lives Through Education

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photo of Trevon and his mom

Youth with disabilities in the juvenile justice system face hurdles in accessing education. Schools often refer to the system without identifying a student’s need for special education services or providing the right academic and behavior supports. Estimates indicate that anywhere from 65-85% of students in the juvenile justice system have a disability and likely require… Continue reading “Changing the Course of Young Lives Through Education”

Young man leaves nursing home after 13 years

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Federal law requires that individuals with mental illness, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities or related conditions must not be inappropriately placed in nursing homes for long-term care. These individuals have the right to receive specialized services and the opportunity to live in the least restrictive setting in order to best meet their needs. During Richard’s time living… Continue reading “Young man leaves nursing home after 13 years”

Rights taken, rights restored

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Tosha smiling for the camera

Tosha has a developmental disability, and up until she was in her 30s, she was gainfully employed, living as a contributing member of society with no need for guardianship. Many people with disabilities are able to live in the community, some with different levels of support and without the need for guardianship which takes away… Continue reading “Rights taken, rights restored”

Advocacy for one woman leads to system-wide change

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DRTx client Lillian and her daughter

Lillian Gallow is deaf and requires the use of ASL interpreters for effective communication. At an important hearing, Houston Housing Authority (HHA) failed to provide a qualified interpreter for her and instead used her young daughter which led to a miscommunication that terminated her housing voucher, and she was ultimately served with an eviction notice…. Continue reading “Advocacy for one woman leads to system-wide change”