Mary Faithfull, Executive Director

As someone who has lived with a disability since childhood, I understand the vital importance of securing protections for people whose personal rights and freedoms are threatened or violated.

I believe the disability rights movement is a civil rights movement. And Disability Rights Texas is on the frontlines of this movement. Our mission is to protect the rights of people with disabilities in a variety of ways — advocating on their behalf through the legal system, championing important laws and policies that advance their rights, and supporting the day-to-day service issues that affect the quality of their lives.

People with disabilities are fully functioning and authentic members of society. From a dollars-and-cents viewpoint, people with disabilities make up more than 20 percent of the workforce. Beyond that, they have important contributions to make to our communities. So when their rights are restricted and opportunities denied, we all miss out on the full richness of society.

That is where Disability Rights Texas steps in. We help protect people with disabilities from the myriad forms of discrimination that limit their full and equal participation in society — because all people have dignity and worth.

Mary Faithfull, Executive Director

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