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Date of RFP Release: 12/4/2017

RFP Submission Deadline: 1/16/2018

If you would like to request a copy of the RFP guidelines, please send an email to Please note due to our funding restrictions we must work with a company based in the U.S. that can provide a tax ID number.

Questions regarding our RFP must be submitted in writing to and all questions and answers will be listed here so that all are provided the same information. Thank you for complying with our guidelines.

Question 1: How many agencies are you sending the RFP to?

Answer: We have or will be reaching out to at least 5 companies that were recommended to us by other protection and advocacy agencies like ours or to companies that have been in contact with us regarding our website. We have also posted the RFP notice on our organization's LinkedIn page. We expect to receive as many as 10 RFPs but we will not know for sure until the deadline for submission on January 16, 2018.

Question 2: What are our general budget guidelines?

Answer: Our budget goal is not to exceed $50,000. If what we want can't be done for this amount, please free to estimate what can be done with this budget and what additional items might cost.

Question 3: A clarifcation to ITEM #1 in our Terms and Conditions regarding owning the coding (found on page 2 of RFP guidelines).

Answer: We do not need to own the code. Therefore we are changing this term from:

1. DRTx must own, have full access to, and have the ability to customize site code.

to this:

1. DRTx must have full access to, and have the ability to customize site code.

Question 4: Another clarification is ITEM #2 in the Terms and Conditions regarding accessibility compliance level and proof of ability to program at this level (found on page 2 of RFP guidelines).

Answer: We are changing term #2 from this:

2. Contractor company must provide documentation that programmers and project manager assigned to the project have training in W3C website accessibility and examples of website projects the staff have worked on that meet W3C standards.

to this:

2. Contractor must demonstrate ability of creating W3C WCAG 2.0 AAA level standard compliant public website by providing two (2)  verifiable examples of projects successfully completed for clients within the last three (3)  years.

Question 5: Clarification about what level of W3C compliance found on page 5 of RFP guidelines.  

Under what we need in a website, changing this:

Meet or exceed all W3C standards for accessibility

to this:

Meet W3C WCAG 2.0 AAA (triple A) level standard -

Please note that we are striving for a site that is primarily WCAG 2.0 level AAA compliant so that we set the standard that we ask others to uphold. In our RFP, we desire to have many different functionalities, but AAA accessibility would be the priority over certain functionalities. One functionality that is an equal priority is mobile reponsive.

Question 6: I'd like to know a little bit more about your request that your organization be able to access and edit the code for the site. That's a pretty unusual request. Can you tell me the reasons that you've made this request and what kinds of edits you're hoping to be able to make?

Answer: The way our site works currently, we have some things that are “hard programmed” that we can’t change using our content management system. For instance, I can’t change any item on our top menu that is in blue. We use to have News and Programs as one of the menu options but we wanted to change it to Volunteer and we had to pay our website company to make the change. Another example is that there are some pages where we can change some of the content but not all of it. We have a programmer on our staff who can make some simple coding changes, so we would rather not pay a company $130 or more an hour for simple things we can do. Of course we may have more complex things we might want to change that we would then hire our website company to do. For instance, currently on our Programs page, when you enter a program, it is not listed in the order of the date but by the order in which you inputted it. I can work around this by going back and changing the date of entry, but I’d rather this be completely reprogrammed to work more like a true calendar. That would be something that we would have work differently on a new website anyway, but if we were to want to change it on our current site, we would go ahead and use our current company to do this. This type of work is not included in our regular annual support fee.

Question 7: Do you know how many pieces of content you currently have on your site? Pages, documents, etc. Of that content, how much would you like to migrate?

Answer: A review of our current site map at: which gives you an idea of the number of pages we currently have. We hope to consolidate those pages by about 50-70 percent. But then where we currently have people open PDFs of our resources, we will likely instead have all of those on a web page instead of a PDF. We currently have about 60 Spanish resources and about 80 English in PDF format that will move to page content.  

Question 8: What CRM are you looking to integrate with?

Answer: We don’t know yet. This is something we will need in the future but probably not at the top of our list since we have not purchased a CRM yet.

Question 9: Does the editing interface for the CMS have to be AAA compliant?

Answer: CMS does not have to be AAA compliant.

Question 10: Are you looking for 1-way or 2-way CRM integration?  Example:  Person fills out form on your website and that data is pushed into your CRM is 1-way integration.  If you would like to customize certain aspects of your website on a per visitor basis based on information in a CRM, that would require 2-way integration.

Answer: We are likely looking for one-way integration. But CRM integration is an optional functionality for us at this point and we may move that to a phase 2 instead of doing now.  

Question 11: RFP states “DRTx will provide Spanish content for Spanish section of website”, but a requirement for Google translate to Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese is also listed.  So, are you looking for Google translate to perform language conversion for just Chinese and Vietnamese or for all languages?  If you’re providing Spanish content, are you looking for dedicated Spanish sections of the website or the ability to convert between English and Spanish by selecting an option to do so?

Answer: Most of our website will be in English, so we need the Google Translate for all 3 languages. We will have a dedicated section in Spanish that will have a main page and about 3-4 sub pages, but we will still want Google Translate on these pages because we need to be able read it in English.

Question 12: RFP states “Enlarge or decrease text size of page using + or –“.  WCAG 2.0 AAA accessibility standards dictate webpages must support browser zoom to 200% without horizontal scrolling.  Are you simply asking that your new website handle browser zoom correctly?  All modern web browsers already support zooming in and out with both the mouse and/or keyboard OR are you asking for separate functionality outside of browser zoom that would allow a user to increase/decrease text size?  A site using could be viewed as an example.

Answer: The way we envisioned using the enlarging or decreasing text size with use of + or – was for our resource documents only – not for every page on the website. Right now our resources are PDFs that have to be opened and then printed. We want each resource on our new site to be on its own web page and not in PDF, and we wanted that page to be able to be enlarged and decreased and also have functionality to print the page in that size. The zoom feature on sitecues seems to do what I am referring to.

Question 13: WCAG 2.0 AAA standards have content specific standards that extend beyond the scope of software development.  For example, all videos on the website must support captions AND sign language.  If DRTx is providing the content, are we to also assume DRTx will ensure all provided content meets the WCAG 2.0 AAA accessibility guidelines?  

Answer: Yes, any DRTx videos will already have sign language and captioning that we provide.

Question 14: What specific functionality is required for the Pro bono attorney/volunteer management portal?  Ability to login and create a profile?  Upload a photo?  Upload and manage documents?

Answer: This is another item that is optional for this phase and will likely be part of phase 2. But the functionality you list here is pretty much what we were wanting.

Question 15: RFP states “Appointment page where users can request time slots for phone intake by DRTx staff.”  Are you looking for a standalone web calendar or backend integration with a separate application?

Answer: I will need to talk to one of our IT people to get more details on this since he is the one that asked for it. But I’m pretty sure we are meaning a standalone web calendar.

Question 16: Several references are made regarding the use of 3rd party tools/applications.  Are these 3rd party tools preexisting?  For example, do you already have a donor database with the ability to accept multiple payment methods (credit card, ACH, recurring payments etc).  Do you have an existing telephony platform with chat capabilities that we would integrate into the new website?

Answer: No, none of these tools exist for us yet. But we need to make sure that when we do want to add these things our website is easily able to add them.

Question 17: The SEO related goals listed in the “we define a new website to be successful if it:” section are very aggressive.  How does meeting or not meeting those goals effect the proposal/contract?

Answer: Those are OUR goals and how and if they are met would not impact the proposal or contract. But they are things that we are working toward that are important for our contractor to know about for design and development.

Question 18: On your current site, there's an option to login, which takes the user to a subdomain: Is any work on that site to be included in this proposal? Or will that stay the way it currently is?

Answer: Option to log in will need to still be there, but no work needed on our insider intranet site.

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