Schools Using Truancy to Push Out Students with Disabilities

May 29, 2015

Child and civil rights advocates accuse 13 Texas school districts, including the Conroe, Fort Bend and Houston ISDs, of using truancy courts to force students with disabilities out of their schools. The administrative complaint filed Wednesday with the Texas Education Agency argues that students with disabilities have been disproportionately referred to truancy courts, where they are then pushed into GED programs, alternative schools or mandatory homeschooling despite federal law that requires schools to develop education plans for students with disabilities.

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North Texas Schools Using Jail-Like Isolation Rooms

Nov 14, 2014

An "NBC 5 Investigates" two-part report reveals Mansfield ISD and at least 5 other school districts in the North Texas area are using jail-like isolation rooms without informing parents. Many of the students are in special education. DRTx Supervising Attorney Constance Wannamaker said, "These types of rooms should never be used, ever, not by a school." Watch the full story and find out if your child's school has one.

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Veteran Refused Housing Because of Service Dog

Oct 30, 2014

HOUSTON - A veteran refused to give up, fighting to keep his service dog when a realty agency tried to ban his special companion...Sgt. Derek Kolb is fighting for rights of all veterans who have service dogs...

He said having a service dog was and still is crucial to his PTSD treatment and that Hank is much more than a part of the family, he is also constantly at work to make sure Kolb is safe. “I can sit here and look just like a normal functioning person in society, but have immense things I have to work through on a daily basis, and Hank helps me with those things," Kolb said.

He also said the rejection sent him into a downward spiral. “It affected me, it affected me significantly,” Kolb said. “It brought me to a very low point, where considering suicide was a very open option.”

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State Supported Living Centers Still Troubled

May 8, 2014

A state-run living center for the disabled in Austin spent a little over $1 million for a private firm to come in and resolve the many issues and infractions detailed in a report by state regulators. A year later the firm is gone and the center has the same amount of infractions...But the story on living centers for disabled Texans and the issues facing those institutions is far longer. Five years ago the federal government ordered that Texas' 13 state-supported living facilities be monitored. As the feds mandated oversight comes to a close many are saying very little has improved.

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Holiday Shopping That Will Make You Smile

Date / Time: November and December, 2015 - or anytime!

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DRTx Winter 2016 Board Meeting

Date / Time: Saturday, January 23, 2016 (tent - could be changed to January 30)
Location: Austin

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